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From Overlapping Fences to Wood Fence Repair Services, I Can Do It All!

When it comes to overlapping fencing, wood has long been a popular choice due to its natural beauty and durability. Whether for homes, commercial properties, or outdoor recreational spaces, overlapped wood fences are sure to provide both functionality and added value to your property for years to come. For your wood fence repair and overlapping fencing needs, Bravo's Fencing & Repair is the fence expert that you can trust. As a professional fence installer, my goal is to provide my clients with high-quality and long-lasting fencing solutions here in Santa Rosa, CA area.

Why Overlapping Your Wood Fences Is Essential?

Overlapping your wood fences can provide an added layer of protection against weathering caused by rain, snow, and wind. This is because overlapping creates a greater density of wood, making it harder for moisture to penetrate and weaken the fence boards. Additionally, overlapping can prevent sunlight from directly hitting the boards, which can lead to discoloration and warping. By overlapping your fence boards, you can create a more effective barrier against prying eyes and unwanted intruders. Overlapping minimizes gaps between panels, making it more difficult for people to see through and enter your property. This is especially important for residential fences that border busy streets or public areas.

Ensuring Durability and Aesthetic Appeal!

Before starting any overlapping fence installation, I ensure that I have high-quality lumber and fence boards. Choosing sturdy and weather-resistant wood, such as cedar or redwood, is essential for achieving a long-lasting and durable fence. These types of wood tend to be more resistant to rot and decay, which is crucial for the success of an overlapped fence. Once the posts are in place, I’ll begin attaching the fence boards. I position each board slightly above the one below it, allowing for a small overlap. This overlap not only improves the strength of the fence but also contributes to its aesthetic appeal. Additionally, I make sure to seal the wood with a high-quality wood sealant or stain to protect it from moisture, UV damage, and insects.

For your wood fence repair and overlapping needs here in the Santa Rosa, CA area, you can count on Bravo's Fencing & Repair for outstanding overlapping fence services. Call me at (707) 331-4265 today!

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