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Signs That You Need a Wood Fence Repair

When to Call a Trusted Fence Provider

Wood fences are one of the most popular choices when it comes to fencing material. It is because they offer an old-fashioned look as well as security. They are also cost-effective since they are easy to install and maintain. However, wood fences are more prone to damage from the elements and animals. That’s why you need to inspect and repair them when necessary. Below are the things to look for if you need wood fence repair.

Broken Posts

One sign that your wood fence has seen better days is that the wood posts are starting to break. Wood breaks when it freezes and thaws out. So, if you have had your fence for a long time and notice that some of the posts have already broken, it’s a sign that you need a repair or replacement. It can be especially true if other parts of your fence are still in good condition. You will save more money if you replace the wooden posts instead of repairing them.

Loose Boards

It is also possible that some of the boards are falling off your fence. It is a clear sign that you must replace them because they are not in good shape. You can also use some wood glue and nails to repair them, but it will never be equal to the boards on your fence. To fix this well, call professionals to help you. They know the proper methods for doing this project.


If some of the boards have started to tear near their joints, there could be things wrong. For example, many kinds of wood can be threaded because wood shrinks and expand during its life. So, if some of the boards have this property, it’s a sign that you need to have your fence repaired. Call professionals to help you in this matter.

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